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Popularity of American Express and its services

When comes to credit card business in US, about 24% of entire dollar amount of credit card transactions made by AMEX cards and Amex cards ranked top among all credit card providing service.

American Express scores 22nd position when comes to top most brand of the world.

The rank was awarded by two renowned institutions Businessweek and Interbrand; they assess the value worth US $14.97 billion. According to Fortune, American Express secure place within 30 among world's most admired company. Roman gladiator is the mascot of the American express company. One can find it on the travelers' cheques and credit card issued by company. The mascot is associated with the company since 1958.

Consumer cards issued by American Express

There are number of charge card and credit card issued by the company, but most popular one are Platinum Green and Gold charge cards etc and so the credit cards named with colors.

The credit cards issued by American Express can be obtained with or without annual fee. The maximum annual fee would be $450 for platinum card. For gold card and green card one has to pay $125 and $55 respectively as annual fee.

American Express issued several cards in-collaboration with many airlines and hotels.

Delta Airlines, Singapore Airlines are few names. It also released credit card jointly with some prominent retailers like Costco and David Jones.

To compete with MasterCard Pay Pass it launched ExpressPay which doesn't require swiping; all you need is to place in front of some especially designed reader. The ExpressPay card built on RFID payment design. Many Merchants, Retailer and Restaurateur accept this card as payment method. Some of them are 7-Eleven, McDonald's and Ritz Camera Centers.

American Express first introduced the credit card in US without any fees in the year of 2005. Also, the company launched one card with saving accelerator plan which deposit 1% of qualified purchase to a High-yield Saving Accounts. With collaboration of wedding site it introduced two new cards The Knot" and "The Nest in the same year.

The UK branch of American Express launched Red Card with Product Red in the year of 2006.