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Bank Draft

Today very easy payment methods are available online to open a casino account with no worries of falling into any kind of trap. One of them is Bank draft checks. Non credit card holders can also relax. Help is provided with no charges in case of bank transfers. All you need is to pick up the phone and make a call to PEC find all about service they offer. Gathering your information is their responsibility.

Monetary transactions usually done via credit cards, cheques, drafts with proper security codes will be taken care of. You can use modern ways of payments like Ach, E checks, E wallet and all while having fun. Sign up for bank draft cheque experience and keep piling up your orders using an add-on cart. Details are given below which include PEC contact details.

How to use Bank Draft to open casino account

Bank drafts have been the most trustworthy option always. It has been legally certified in United States and Canada. Although it is popular and safe process, it takes a long time. Draft cheques are used in all kinds of businesses provided the customer authorizes the due payment. Only American express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover were taken into consideration and non credit card holders had to suffer a lot because of non payment.

But now it is easy to open a CASINO ACCOUNT by making a call to PEC at 1-888-554-4732. Sending deposit draft over 300$ while signing up and sending it via DHL, FedEx, Ups will be free of shipping charges. Collect the form from the website followed by filling it up with a void bank draft attachment for authorization and fax all your information to 888-767-5599 ATTN.

Non credit card holders also requires to enroll themselves over the phone or online to make sure their drafts are payable at edPal LLC and mail their whereabouts to edPal LLC,1014,Lincoln Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125.You can also make a visit to your nearby PEC if you need to know anything in person. Bank drafts will be sent to your addresses during withdrawals, make sure you let know corresponding authority if you change any of your information details.

Credit card holders need not to worry as all their information will be highly secured. Western Union payments can also be processed in no time provided you give your 10 digit security Western Union code. The service provider PEC are there to help 24 hours….what you need to avail our service is to give a call or make a visit.