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Avoid Insurance Unless You Are Counting Cards

This seems like an obvious tip but here is why you need to pay close attention to this. If a natural 21 or blackjack card has been dealt with in a single deck table, with the dealer holding an ace card, there will be 49 other cards left by the time you remove the ace and ten, along with the dealer's ace. If you decide not to insure your blackjack, then you will get a payout of 3 to 2 thirty-four times and then push it fifteen times. In figure, that would be 49 totals minus 15 tens, which is equal to 34.

Employ the Basic Strategy Rules at All Times

A player will have a predetermined set of plays available that they can maximize by opting to play a hand versus a complete deck of cards. You can use a basic strategy chart to determine what are the best plays suited for each table position.

Choose the Table with Most Advantageous Condition

There are different blackjack rules for each casino and it will therefore impact a player's win rate using basic strategy. In addition, the number of decks used during play will also affect your chances to win. These variations are often done to add more advantage to the house while other variations could also be advantageous to the players.

Quit When You Think It's Right

There are options given to players (depending on the casino where you are playing) to turn over your hand or surrender play once the original two cards are revealed and before you can play it for half of the wager you have placed. You can make any one of two types of surrender: early or late. In early surrender, you need to turn over your hand before a blackjack is dealt with. In late surrender, you can only do this once the dealer has already checked a blackjack.

When you opt for the early surrender, the player's win rate goes up to 0.7 percent. But if you opt for a late surrender, your win rate drops significantly at 0.06 percent.

Choose the Fewest Decks Possible

There are obvious discrepancies with playing in a single deck game card versus a two-game deck. According to experts, it will create a -0.35% rate in your play such that it always makes practical sense to opt for the ones with the least deck of cards.