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Click2Pay Review

With this funding system, you can create a safe and secure financial account online such that you can easily fund money to your account to wager any amount for your chosen gambling activity. Plus, you can enjoy a variety of conveniences such as easy sign up process, quick transfer of funds, and reliable service without having to suffer from inflated fees for every transaction.

Issues with Click2Pay in the US

The United States government has issued new restrictions that would limit the amount of activity exchanged between the payment processing companies and other US players. In fact, Click2Pay has currently stopped offering services to US players completely because of this new ruling from the government.

What is Click2Pay?

To give you a bit of background on what kind of services are offered at Click2Pay, it is basically the latest form of banking solution available online. You can use it for handling online casino accounts and other similar transactions if you are not secure about using your credit card for such transactions. After all, several online casinos have offered restriction on using MasterCard or Visa after a new banking legislation has been issued that prohibits banks from issuing credit card transactions for activities involving all types of gambling.

It is therefore a convenient and easy way to perform withdrawals or deposits to your online casino account. Click2Pay has eliminated all the hassles involved with dealing with rejections to your credit card transactions to save time and effort. Also, it is very easy to fund your Click2Pay account since they accept a wide range of currencies to accommodate non-US players, whether it is British Euros or pounds, or US dollars.

Banking Options

The innovation of online banking solutions through such services as Click2Pay has innovated how gamblers are able to wager to online casinos and also collect their winnings in their account. You can easily go to the Click2Pay website if you want to fund your Click2Pay account such that you can easily participate in any online gambling activity you like. However, you need a valid credit card during the signup process such that you can become a verified account holder.

The only advantage to the use of credit card for purchasing deposits into your Click2Pay account would be the 3% transaction charge that goes with it. This is why the use of direct transfer or direct debit has become a more reliable alternative to funding your account without having to shoulder these staggering fees. You can also rest assured that all transaction is encrypted and is secure and safe from fraud or identity theft.